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Leaf Tree Services offers a variety of tree care and landscaping and design services in the greater Austin, Texas area. Some of our more popular services include tree trimming, cutting, planting and removal. We service both residential and commercial properties approaching each project with the utmost professionalism and care.

Tree trimming and pruning service in Austin Texas
Tree and stump removal services in Austin Texas
Tree planting services in Austin TX

Maintaining proper tree trimming and pruning will help reduce risk of tree damage and disease while improving both safety and overall aesthetic of the tree.

Our team uses tree removal techniques that puts safety first with the use of proper tools and equipment to get the job done accurately. We consider each removal a unique situation and proceed with caution and care.

Unsure of which trees to plant or how to install properly? We will provide recommendations on what and where to plant, plus do the heavy lifting of tree planting for you.

Tree bracing and cabling in Austin Texas
Ball moss removal from trees in Austin Texas
Austin arborist tree health diagnosis

Reduce stress damage on your trees from high winds, severe weather or heavy foliage by installing bracing and cables to help withstand the climate.

Remove unwanted or overbearing ball moss from trees to reduce stress and remove harmful weight, ensuring your trees are healthy and thriving.

Are you unsure of what is plaguing your tree? Our team will conduct a thorough evaluation of your tree to diagnose the issue and recommend a treatment solution to improve tree health.

Emergency tree services in Austin TX
Landscape design and installation in Austin TX

Severe weather can cause havoc on trees and even endanger people and property in certain situations. Our team is on standby when you need immediate emergency tree services and storm cleanup.

Before starting a project, it's important the land is clear of obstructions to achieve optimal results. Our team can remove stumps and brush in addition to chipping, hauling and skid steer work.

Landscape Design and Installation

Improve curb appeal with custom designed lawn and garden services for residential and commercial properties. Our services include stone installation, mulching, edging, patios and pathways, hardscaping, river rock, drainage solutions, sod and more.

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