Leaf Tree Services has provided professional tree care services in Austin and surrounding Central Texas communities for over 20 years. We provide full service tree care for residential and commercial properties. By educating our customers and the community in proper tree care, we can all enjoy healthy long-lasting trees. Not only creating curb appeal but adding value to your property.

What Makes Us Different

We have an arborist on staff that participates in all on-site consultations. We start every project with an expert consultation by a certified arborist.

There are some that say they have an arborist on staff, but they don’t send the certified arborist out to diagnose the tree. Trust Leaf Tree Services to provide a thorough diagnosis provided by our own certified arborist.

Initial Consultation

We start every project with an expert consultation by a certified arborist.  We are thorough in this process whether for a Tree Risk Assessment, tree health/restoration, aesthetic pruning, building/walkway clearance, or emergency services. We listen to the needs of the customer and come up with the best solution for your particular situation.

Complimentary Estimate

Our team will provide a detailed estimate for your project and expected completion date based on your initial consultation.

100% Satisfaction

It is our top priority that you are satisfied with our work.

We will review with you the work in detail to ensure you are happy with our services.

Meet The Expert

Our team of certified and experienced arborists continues to grow as Leaf Tree Services expands its reach in the Central Texas area. We pride ourselves on staffing a local, passionate and skillful team to maintain the highest quality standards for our customers.

Jeff Hempel

Jeff started Leaf Tree Services in 2003. He was born and raised in Central Texas area making him truly part of the community. He has grown the business to where it is today due to his dedication to excellent tree care and treating his customers with care.

Professional Tree Care

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